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Every day, cities evolve at a rapid pace, and the needs of urban cyclists grow with them. Today, city-dwellers are cycling more than ever before, which is good for the environment, and important for the well-being of all. As urban planning and infrastructure projects reflect these new priorities, our range of products for cyclists is meeting them too. They’re making it easier to choose to cycle, and more satisfying to leave the car in the garage.

Bicycle Stands & Racks


Bike Stand

Design Blenda Design

Blenda is a bicycle stand that can also create a sleek barrier. Bicycles can be securely fastened to the upper portion, with the wheel and frame secured on either side.


Bicycle Rack

Design Erik Österlund

Goggle is a simple, functional and affordable bike rack system with wheel holders suitable for all types of bicycle tyres. An optional bicycle arch for frame locking is available.


Bike Stand

Design Broberg & Ridderstråle

The Hoop bike stand is a multi-functional urban design that can also function as a bollard. The design is simple, consisting of a single aluminium post where multiple bicycles can be securely fastened.


Bike Stand

Design Klock & Sæther

Ekeberg enables individual bicycles to be parked in place and held upright. The frame can hold the bicycle’s front wheel securely, while also providing an upright post.


Bike Stand

Design Note Design Studio

The broad strip of metal forming Hook’s structure gives it a robust appearance, but its narrow width makes it appear smaller when viewed from the side.


Bike Rack

Design Nola

Örebro is formed by a length of bent steel resting on two legs. Double steel strips are designed to hold bicycle wheels securely in place, providing space for chains and locks to be securely fastened.


Bike Shed

Design Kristofer Hansén

Seagull is a durable bicycle shed, elegantly designed in the shape of a bird's wing. The bicycle shed is available in both single- and double-sided versions in three standard lengths, with or without glass gables or back panels.

Bicycle Stands & Racks

Goggle 2

Bike Rack

Design Nola

The Goggle 2 bike rack is comprised of a series of galvanised hoops fastened to horizontal bars.


Bike Rack

Design Nola

This straightforward bike stand is uncompromisingly simple. Made from steel, the bicycle stand is shaped by bends in the metal.

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