Sustainability, Materials & the Environment

For us at Nola, sustainability is grounded in the ideas around how society and the cities of the future will function in symbiosis. Acting responsibly and being conscious about the decisions we make is fundamental to a sustainable future. We let design take its time so that what we make is properly consolidated into something that will be loved for as long as it lasts.

Sustainability means that our products must work and last for a long time, be easy to maintain and slot in with the ever-changing needs of society itself. We invest a lot of time, research and development into testing and evaluating our pieces before they end up on the market. When you select a Nola product you do so with the assurance that your choice will bring about a safe, creative, accessible outdoor environment.

There are a number of essential considerations we make to ensure Nola’s range is sustainable and unmatched in its quality. We strive to use non-toxic materials in our production and use manufacturing techniques that prioritise strength and resilience for safer public spaces that minimise environmental impact. We work constantly with eco-labelling and environmental standards such as FSC, Byggvarubedömningen, Svanens Husproduktportal and Sundahus.

Production of our own products is solely based in Sweden, which means shortened delivery routes and the chance to constantly monitor our logistics is in line with our own internal regulations. With regards to production we remain flexible and can to adapt to emerging innovation, techniques, processes and materials.

Environmental & Quality Policy

Care & Maintenance