In close dialogue with architects, designers, landscape architects and city planners, we solidify urban spaces to make them safe and accessible for everyone.

The sense of community and neighbourhood was central when the multi-family houses in Brf Ramselyckan took shape outside Partille in Gothenburg. Here, Okidoki architects have designed 8 Svanen-labeled timber houses with high sustainability ambitions. The houses, clearly inspired by red barns and classic wooden houses with verandas, seamlessly blend into the surrounding nature and environment.

Murman Architects, in partnership with Cobab, have undertaken a complete overhaul of Turebergshuset in Sollentuna Centrum. This towering 17-story structure, originally designed by Snellman/Forsman, has served as a municipal building since 1976, and now, following the renovation, it's also home to the Sollentuna Library.

On a rooftop terrace boasting wide views of Gothenburg's harbour, we meet a versatile gathering place for the office building's employees.

On behalf of Sigtuna Municipality, White Architects have developed two attractive meeting places and enhanced the recreational value for residents and visitors.

The new Krokbäck Park in Hyllie connects the residential areas of Kroksbäck and Holma while creating more meeting places for the district's children and youth.

In Sweden’s southern city of Laholm, two of Nola’s mini-park Parklet installations welcome locals to the town square. The installations transformed Stortorget (as Laholm’s town square is called in Swedish) into a welcoming meeting point for residents and visitors alike.

For many years, a redevelopment project has been underway, aiming to make the site more welcoming to visitors, and more secure and accessible to cyclists and pedestrians. The new development includes wide pedestrian walkways, bicycle lanes, outdoor seating areas, planters and trees.

Mälardalen University was recently redeveloped into a lively and welcoming learning centre. Today, students, residents and visitors can relax and socialise in addition to studying, and the campus is open during the evening as well as during the day.

ELE Architects have redesigned a historic courtyard in central Stockholm for Swedish property developer Novier. The brief was to make the site livelier, which inspired the architects to transform the courtyard into a meeting place.

The railside park in Åkersberga dates back to the early 1900’s, when it was first developed outside the station. Now, just over 100 years later, the park was redeveloped as the station building was renovated.

In the summer of 2022, the Fredriksbergsbadet outdoor swimming pool in the Swedish city of Västerås reopened to the public, furnished with a curated selection of Nola products.

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