Every day, cities evolve at a rapid pace, and the needs of urban cyclists grow with them. Today, city-dwellers are cycling more than ever before, which is good for the environment, and important for the well-being of all.

For everyone's well-being, we need to find ways to break away from the norm of spending too much time indoors. With that in mind, Nola have put together a selection of outdoor products for open-air environments.

Learning and educational environments require durable products and furniture that facilitates reading, writing and discussing points of view. With this in mind, Nola have gathered our most popular product groups for indoor environments and outdoor spaces.

Here, we’ve put together a selection of urban outdoor products to make squares and streets more comfortable, more welcoming and accessible to all. Whether sitting alone or hanging out with others, anyone can find the perfect perch.

Hanging, standing, shading, sprawling... plants just grow in all shapes and sizes. With them comes the beauty of nature and the potential to take part in urban design. That’s why we put these products together here, aiming to meet every planting need.

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