Designing Memorable Travel Experiences


Travel hubs are gateways to new adventures and the first impression of a destination. As urbanisation accelerates, these key locations grow in importance.

News from Nola 2024


Among our product news for the season are a striking wooden pavilion taking cues from urban architecture, a bench table that defies convention, and a café chair perfect for leisurely breaks.


Redefining Urban Greenery Beyond the Tree


Our urban environments are in desperate need of more vegetation and the accompanying ecosystem services that greenery provides. At the same time, there is a shortage of space for trees to grow and thrive. A problem Martin Brattström has not only noticed but also found a solution to with Arbory.

StyrUpp: Bringing Order to Bike Parking Chaos


Nola recently took to the streets, putting our StyrUpp bicycle parking system to the test. Installed where it will make the most impact, the new product will be used by urban cyclists for twelve months. As the pilot project test-drives Nola’s know-how, it’s keeping the city of Stockholm at the forefront of intercity cycling.

Planters for Urban Greenery


Nature is often the answer to what it is that makes us feel good and give us the energy we need. With our planters you are able to take a part of nature into your room or workplace, or use them to arrange a green place on your terrace. The planters also create great opportunities to build more green and living cities!  Whether you are looking for something big or small, heavy or light, spectacular or discreet, we have it all.

Zero Waste at Nola’s Stockholm Furniture Fair Presentation


Nola’s initiative at the recent Stockholm Furniture Fair was designed to make our participation as waste-free as possible. Our products weren’t displayed in a trade fair stand that had to be built, but presented in a public area as seating clusters where people could meet, converse, eat and drink. By deciding against constructing the seating areas with building materials, we eliminated post-construction waste from the start. Our approach challenged the way that products and the public can interact, which shifted the belief that post-construction waste is inevitable at trade shows.


Sustainable Design is a Shared Responsibility


The secret to creating public space products with long lifespans is making them part of a regular maintenance routine. Outdoor products require continuous care, necessitating discussions between manufacturers and public space stakeholders even before they are produced. At Nola, design plays a key role in making products that require minimal maintenance while still offering maximum durability.

Kajen Products First to Receive Swan Ecolabeling Certification


Nola is pleased to announce that products from our popular Kajen furniture range were recently awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The Swan eco-labelling initiative certifies that products are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable, and conform to guidelines agreed by the Scandinavian countries and policy mandates regulated by the European Union.

Outstanding Maintenance of Street Furniture in Kalmar Municipality


Since the 1990s, Nola have supplied outdoor furniture designs for the streets and urban parks of Kalmar. One of the unique features in Kalmar is the condition of the outdoor designs we provided in 1997, which continue to look as new as they did when they were delivered.

Accessibility is Always on Time


Today, accessibility is a central part of our design brief and product development process, and something that is second nature to Nola. ‘Accessible’, just like ‘inclusive’, are more than keywords - they top the list of requirements for each and every product we design.

Outdoor Fitness for Everyone!


Kebne Outdoor Gym consists of five individual units for resistance training and stretching. Kebne is a complete system for building muscle tone and strength by using the body as a co­unter­weight. With Kebne comes a community vision for creating inclusive meeting places for all people.

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