Accessibility is Always on Time


Today, accessibility is a central part of our design brief and product development process, and something that is second nature to Nola. ‘Accessible’, just like ‘inclusive’, are more than keywords - they top the list of requirements for each and every product we design.

Outdoor Fitness for Everyone!


Kebne Outdoor Gym consists of five individual units for resistance training and stretching. Kebne is a complete system for building muscle tone and strength by using the body as a co­unter­weight. With Kebne comes a community vision for creating inclusive meeting places for all people.


Diversity and Accessibility Inspire Cities for Everyone


‘A city for everyone,’ sounds like a nice idea, and one that could even be too good to be true. At first, it seems like a utopian concept, and probably something that many urban dwellers would want to sign up for. But paradoxically, a multifunctional city with an ambition to work for everyone could end up being uninspiring, and somewhat dull. 

Fall News 2021


Participating in this Autumn’s Stockholm Creative Edition, designer Anki Gneib opened her studio to present Nola’s latest collection. The launch included a new series of garden furniture, a contemporary planter and a granite seat. Inspirations included the courtyard outside Anki’s studio, the shape of the Edelweiss Association's old bell tower and gardens in Stockholm’s Östermalm neighbourhood.

Making Cycling the Obvious Choice


As cities develop bicycle infrastructures, they’re investing in the environment too. The benefits of urban cycling are easy to understand, but awareness of them is slow to spread. Leading experts say its time to break the vehicle norm, and introduce urban cycling to create lasting change.

Kaskad — A Chair That Evolves Over Time


Kaskad was something special when it was launched ten years ago, and the chair continues to turn heads to this day. Björn Dahlström, the chair’s designer, tells us about some of the things that inspired the award-winning design and its development.

Bicycle Products


Every day, cities evolve at a rapid pace, and the needs of urban cyclists grow with them. Today, city-dwellers are cycling more than ever before, which is good for the environment, and important for the well-being of all. As urban planning and infrastructure projects reflect these new priorities, our range of products for cyclists is meeting them too. They’re making it easier to choose to cycle, and more satisfying to leave the car in the garage. This selection of bike racks, bollards, bike sheds and other Nola products are designed to keep urban cyclists on the move.

Endless Summer: When Cities Open Seasonal Spaces All Year


Summer­time in Sweden is unique. It’s a time when cities and their in­habi­tants come to life, and a season when tempo­rary parks and out­door products are being put in place. Then September rolls round, and the places, products and people dis­appear. Where do they all go? Nola thinks they should stay in place all year.

Långbordet invites people to socialize beyond imaginary borders


Långbordet is currently one of Nola's most popular products, and its history began at a community development project in Helsingborg. White Arkitekter worked collaboratively with artist Ebba Matz to develop the concept. After they carried out interviews with locals, the inspiration for a long table was born.

Charlotte Petersson Troije Wants Offices without Walls


Charlotte Petersson Troije, part of the team behind Work Lounge, joins us to share her career experiences, discuss her burning interest in harnessing human potential, and describe ways we can gain insights together at work.

Planters for Urban Greenery


Nature is often the answer to what it is that makes us feel good and give us the energy we need. With our planters you are able to take a part of nature into your room or workplace, or use them to arrange a green place on your terrace. The planters also create great opportunities to build more green and living cities!  Whether you are looking for something big or small, heavy or light, spectacular or discreet, we have it all.

Work Lounge creates the perfect conditions for working outdoors


The office is no longer a permanent workplace. Neither are our homes. New times and working methods require new solutions, which is why Nola is taking a progressive step forward and introducing upholstered furniture for the outdoor office. Work Lounge is a new era workplace in the open air.

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