New backed bench with a timeless aesthetic

In collaboration with Note Design Studio and Gunilla Allard, Nola has developed a unique backed bench, Sigill. An architecturally designed bench, with inspiration from architect Sigurd Lewerentz, originally developed as a contribution to the architectural competition for the design of Skogskyrkogården (The Woodland Cemetery) in Stockholm. Sigill is presented during the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Wait - sustainable furniture system for waiting areas

Nola is launching a new furniture system Wait, design White Architects. Wait has been designed specifically for waiting environments. A clear environmental focus and circular thinking have permeated the whole design process. Nola thus continues the industry's transition towards more sustainable furniture production, and towards a more sustainable society.

Nola is bringing the forest into the city

New challenges in the present are changing the conditions for the furniture industry. Nola has long worked towards both social and environmental sustainability and at this year's edition of the Stockholm Furniture Fair, the latest steps in the work towards a better future are presented. With forest as the theme, Nola wants to show its positive impact, and a change towards a sustainable society.