Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017 THE OUTDOOR OFFICE

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We’re rethinking the potentials of outdoor design, and launching our new ‘Outdoor Office’ concept to create healthier, happier working lifestyles. Light, sunshine and fresh air affect the way we work, boosting our mood and motivating us to achieve more. That’s why Nola’s ‘Outdoor Office’ concept leads the way to better workplaces, and explores new ways of making nature part of the work routine. This season, we’re promoting products that can create open-air workstations and light-filled meeting spaces, making it easy to bring sunshine, fresh air and inspiration into the work environment. With wireless Internet providing online access, and solar panels supplying power, the only barrier between the outdoor office and the business inside is the walls.

Work OUT

In collaboration with Norrporten, Gestalt Arkitektur and architect Christian Kahlefeld, Nola helped shape the outdoor office ‘Work OUT’ project. The project was initiated by Norrporten, who invited Nola to select outdoor furniture that would enhance the environment today while enabling it to remain stylish over time. Norrporten are a property company located in the southern Swedish city of Växjö, where the project was held. Work OUT was located in a new business park development situated on a former military base. The surrounding area is tranquil and green, creating a uniquely relaxing environment for conferences, meetings and other business activities.

Work OUT took an ergonomic approach to office work. The project included seating options that enabled office workers to sit, stand or recline as they worked individually or participated in meetings. Energy produced by solar panels and an efficient outdoor WiFi network boosted the functionality of the office environment.

The conference room was equipped with furniture from Nola’s Parco series, designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle, including a meeting table, high chairs and ergonomically-designed standing tables crafted from Sioo-treated oak. Another outdoor room was furnished with benches, swivel armchairs and tables from Nola’s Korg furniture group. The lounge area featured furniture designed by Thomas Bernstrand, such as Kajen Hammock rocking chairs in bright yellow and a Four Seasons sun parasol. The seating was complemented by a Sun table designed  by Monika Förster. Just as some of the Kajen furniture was customised to suit the space, a special edition version of Torbjörn Andersson’s Origami bench was created for the project.

2016-05-23 Växjö, Norrportens utekontor, WorkOUT, på i11 området. Foto: Jonas Ljungdahl

Värtan backed bench

With its elegant contours and contemporary profile, Värtan is a striking bench characterised by clean lines and understated style. The seat and backrests are made from slats of oak that form a long, lateral line where they meet. The wooden parts are treated with Sioo-impregnation technology to protect them from moisture, insects and fungus, and the frame is crafted in durable powder-coated steel. Värtan is a versatile design that can be ordered in a range of lengths and variations, or custom-made to suit specific requirements. It is currently available with or without a backrest or armrests, or prepared for installation on top of a low wall or concrete plinth. Värtan is a perfect choice for shopping centres, transport hubs, departure lounges and any environment where public seating is required.

Värtan B2-6300_2

Bellitalia a Popular Choice for Stockholm

Nola’s own range of products was complemented by designs from Italian brand Bellitalia last year, when we became distributors for the brand in Sweden. Like Nola’s products, Bellitalia’s outdoor furniture is made for public space, designed with a long lifespan and the ability to withstand moisture and frost. Bellitalia’s products are made in a range of understated natural colours and crafted from durable materials such as marble and concrete. Bellitalia’s designs can now be seen in and around Stockholm, at places such as at Port 73 in Haninge, where the Marte planter is featured, and at a public space projects in Sundbyberg, where the Happy armchair is used.


Nola Joins Swedish Design Exhibition

Nola contributed to the conference and exhibition titled ‘Swedish Design – From String to IKEA PS’ held in Säffle, Sweden. The event was produced collaboratively by the municipality of Säffle, Region Värmland and Svensk Form. The exhibition explores the development of Swedish design from the 1950s to now, and was open from 18th May until 13th August. A range of Nola’s products were exhibited, including the Pots and ABC planters designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle, the Gro planter designed by Mia Cullin, the Rocky chair designed by Nina Jobs and the Areal furniture set, also designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle. Several of the new products launched at this year’s the Stockholm Furniture Fair were exhibited. Some had also been exhibited at the furniture fair in Milan in April.