​Nola's Långbordet creates a new meeting place in Södermalm

Nola has contributed to furnishing Hamntorget - a new social meeting place in Södermalm, Stockholm. The place is designed by landscape architects from White Architects and has been furnished with Nola's Långbordet, designed by White. The modular countertop is adapted to the setting of the location and gives rise to meetings and conversations, which contribute to community and safety.

Nola provides outdoor furniture to improve safety in the suburbs

Nola has contributed to creating a safer outdoor environment in the form of an urban park in the suburb of Fittja in Sweden. In collaboration with Botkyrkabyggen and architect Arkitema, a former car park has been refurbished and transformed into a social and safe meeting place. The environment features Nola's Långbordet, by White Architects, and the Korg furniture group, design Thomas Bernstrand.

The Nola Sigill at the Swedish Institute in Paris

Nola's Sigill sofa, Note Design Studio & Gunilla Allard, will be on permanent display at the Swedish Institute in Paris. Sigill satisfies high demands on sustainable production with materials selected to ensure long life and high quality. At an event on 5th September, focusing on sustainable production, the short film 'Respect - Inside Swedish Design' by Interior Cluster Sweden will be on show.

​Unique wooden benches from Nola in a sustainable learning environment

Nola, together with the architectural office Liljewall, has developed and produced unique wooden furniture for a new school in Gällivare, Sweden. The furniture is designed as a modular system that can be easily varied. The seating is made of red-painted pine, inspired by northern forests. A holistic approach, with a conscious choice of material being a key feature throughout the design process.

​Korg planner - A new digital planning tool from Nola

Nola is launching a brand new digital planning tool for the Korg furniture system. The tool makes it possible to spatially create and test ideas and solutions according to your specific requirements. The planning tool is intended to support architects in their creative work, at the same time giving a concrete result with a clear product specification.

​Bicycle environment for sustainable cities and an economic restart

The cycling season is in full swing. A green restart of the economy requires new solutions in bicycle infrastructure, for healthier cities and a more sustainable society. Nola advocates more frequent and more secure parking solutions for the increasing number of cyclists. As well as better sustainability and aesthetics for bicycle products in the urban environment, which affects us all.

​Nola's classic bench for Kungsträdgården back in production

When Kungsträdgården was redesigned before Stockholm became the European Capital of Culture in 1998, the architectonic portrayal ended up with the architect Aleksander Wolodarski. In a unique collaboration between Nola, Wolodarski and the former city gardener Carl-Fredrik Wachtmeister, a new backed bench was developed, based on an older model in cast iron. The bench is now back in production.

​Healthy training in the urban environment

Nola strikes a blow for healthy urban environments. Outdoor training at attractive outdoor gyms should be a natural feature of the cityscape and should be included right from the planning stage of urban development. Exercising outdoors creates healthy cities, natural meeting places and improves public health, something that is hugely important in these times. ​

New backed bench with a timeless aesthetic

In collaboration with Note Design Studio and Gunilla Allard, Nola has developed a unique backed bench, Sigill. An architecturally designed bench, with inspiration from architect Sigurd Lewerentz, originally developed as a contribution to the architectural competition for the design of Skogskyrkogården (The Woodland Cemetery) in Stockholm. Sigill is presented during the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Wait - sustainable furniture system for waiting areas

Nola is launching a new furniture system Wait, design White Architects. Wait has been designed specifically for waiting environments. A clear environmental focus and circular thinking have permeated the whole design process. Nola thus continues the industry's transition towards more sustainable furniture production, and towards a more sustainable society.