Tomteboda, Stockholm

Site: Tomteboda, Huvudsta, Stockholm
Completion: 2020
Architect: Liljewall


As Nola continues to offer solutions that make urban cycling safer and more sustainable, our illuminating Blenda bicycle stand is becoming a popular choice for architects. Blenda is produced with integrated LED lighting units that illuminate the attachment points and cast ambient light over their surroundings. Liljewall architects installed Blenda bike stands in the concourse outside the iconic Tomteboda building, an architectural landmark in the greater Stockholm area.

Blenda’s integrated LED lighting units show cyclists where to insert locks, and are easy to see in when it is dark outside. The low-energy capacity of LED lighting saves energy and provides localized light sources that do not contribute to urban light pollution.

Blenda bicycle stand with integrated LED lighting. Tomteboda, Stockholm. Photo: Jann Lipka