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Urban Green Spaces

Today, urban environments, public parks and green spaces are being used in new ways. Now, we meet, socialize and work in public spaces to a much greater extent than we did in the past. As we do so, the needs and demands of our shared living spaces are changing too. Here, we’ve put together a selection of favoriteproducts for green spaces with a focus on socializing, relaxing and laid-back living. 

Systems and Series for Parks


Furniture Group

Design David Taylor

The Frank furniture group makes a straightforward statement. Each of the three designs is strongly contemporary while able to complement traditional settings.



Design White Arkitekter & Olle Anderson

Conceived as a modular design, individual Orm benches can combine to create a perfect circle, or form a semi-circle. Several benches can be placed at obtuse angles to create wave-like shapes.


Furniture Group

Design Tema

Leksand is renowned for its history of traditional woodworking and timber craftsmanship. The classic Leksand wooden chair dates back to the early 1800s, and provided the inspiration for the armchair, …



Park Bench

Design Thorbjörn Andersson

The pleat-like folds in this design were inspired by origami, the Japanese art of crafting objects from folded paper. Like origami, this bench has been designed with crisp ‘folds’ that form the seat and shape the backrest. The result is a park bench that appears to balance weightlessly on the front edge, but is anchored to the ground by sturdy metal supports.


Park Bench


The gardens designed by seventeenth-century Swedish architect Nicodemus Tessin number among his greatest achievements. Although none of the garden benches from Tessin’s era survive today, this elegant park bench emulates the architect’s unmistakable style.


Park Bench

Design Anders Nyquist

The Haga park bench has a classic design. Its traditional shape is well-suited to both historic settings and contemporary spaces.


Furniture Group

Design Peter Brandt

Vejby’s sturdy frames and solid wooden slats create stability and strength. The evenly-spaced slats in the seating and table surfaces enable rainwater to run off easily.

Planters and Garbage Bins



Design Fredrik von Platen

Kalmar has been crafted in reinforced concrete and scaled up to large proportions while retaining the elegant contours characteristic of terracotta pots.

”The front panel is simple and straightforward, painted in a single colour to create a sleek look.”



Design Björn Dahlström

Repeat is a spacious litterbin with the capacity to sort waste items for recycling. The opening for litter is placed discreetly in the side. The single-sided version is made with several openings and a sloping roof. The double-sided version is designed with two openings, space for two rubbish bags inside and doors on both sides.

Products for Parks and Green Spaces