All of Nola’s output is based on three simple rules: ‘always start from scratch, get to the heart of the issue and dare to be different’. These principles have shaped our products for more than four decades, resulting in a range of outdoor furniture that includes award-winning designs.

Starting at a time when colour was rarely seen among designs made for public spaces, we dared to introduce a bold palette of paints that made outdoor products stand out.  When material innovation made it possible to reduce bulk without compromising strength, we streamlined our products and introduced sleeker styles. And as architects and urban planners placed ergonomics on the agenda, we introduced accessible designs that people of all ages could enjoy.

In fact, Nola was actually founded on the principle of making comfortable, accessible outdoor designs. The company started up in the 1960s, established by Olof Nola, a pioneering man who made playground equipment for disabled children. Gradually, he included other types of outdoor products in Nola’s range, making the brand synonymous with quality, functionality and performance. When Agneta Stake took over the company in the 1980s, she introduced a fresh approach to public space. As she placed innovation and design at the heart of the company, Nola emerged as one of Scandinavia’s leading manufacturers of contemporary outdoor products.

Today, Nola’s products can be found in commercial centres, transportation hubs, public spaces and architectural developments. Nearly half a century of designing for the urban landscape enables us to produce quality products that make outdoor spaces a little bit more beautiful, and a whole lot easier to live in. Contact us today to find out more about the products we design and the services we offer. We look forward to hearing from you.