The Sirius bicycle shelter in red.  The Sirius bicycle shelter standard in black. The Sirius bicycle shelter. The Sirius bicycle shelter in green RAL 6012 with the Hjorthagen furniture group made in FSC-certified mahogany.  The Sirius bicycle shelter. The Sirius bicycle shelter and entrance cover.   The Sirius bicycle shelter standard in black.

Sirius biycle shelter

Bernt Fröderberg

The modular design of this bicycle shelter makes it possible to create a unique building. Sections can be aligned in a row to create a long narrow shelter, or positioned in ‘L’ or ‘U’ shapes to make efficient use of the space they occupy. The roof height is customisable, enabling the shelter to be lower, if necessary. Trellises attached to the sides form supports for creeping vines, making an attractive addition to green areas or providing the potential for plant life in an urban setting.

Width: 690 cm
Depth: 350 cm
Height: 245 cm
Angle of roof: 4º
C-C of doors: 99 cm
Height of trellis: 159 cm
C-C of trellis posts: 99 cm/ 150 cm/ 190 cm/ 220 cm

*Scaled drawings of Sirius bicycle shelter are available for download.*
Product number
Ö70-30 Sirius Bicycle shelter. Standard.
Ö70-02 Sirius post, 180 cm.
Ö70-11 Sirius spaljé, length c-c 220 cm, height 159 cm.
Ö70-13 Sirius spaljé, length c-c 99 cm, height 159 cm.
Assembly required. The posts and trellises should be screwed together on site. The wooden pieces are pre-sawn for easy assembly.
Several sections can be combined to create a range of shapes and sizes.
The posts and trellises are made in steel. The top plates for the posts are made from steel plate. All steel pieces are sand-blasted, zinc-electroplated, gold-chromed and powder-coated in standard colours black RAL 9005 or anthracite Gris 2900 Sable. The roof is made from plywood and lined with a layer of waterproof roofing material. Standard colour light grey NCS 3005-Y50R.
Additional description number
S = Black RAL 9005
A = Anthracite Gris 2900 Sable
C= for any colour, start up fee.
The posts are extended by 49.5 cm for casting in concrete or securing in a base made for small-sizes street lamps. Alternatively, they can be prepared for mounting to a base plate on the surface of the ground.
Repaint as required.
This modular bicycle shelter makes efficient use of the space it occupies. The sections can be aligned in a long row, or positioned in ‘L’ or ‘U’ shapes.