The Orm bench with backrest and armrests. The Orm bench with backrest and armrests. The Orm bench can be seen on the right, the Goggle bicycle rack can be seen to the left. A semi-circular Orm bench in a shopping centre. The Orm bench.  The Orm bench with backrest The Orm bench, special project. A serpentine version of the Orm bench installed on a quay. A serpentine version of the Orm bench installed in a public area.

Orm bench

White and Olle Anderson

Conceived as a modular design, four individual Orm benches combine to create a perfect circle, or two can be joined to form a semi-circle. Several benches can be placed at obtuse angles to create wave-like shapes. The bench can be made in a range of materials and combined with backrests and armrests, making it one of the most versatile benches Nola produce.

Outer diameter: 196 cm
Inner diameter: 85 cm
Width: 55 cm
Height: 48 cm

The slats measure 92 mm x 30 mm
with a thickness of 25 mm
The pipe steel pieces
measure 76 mm × 2 mm
The sheet steel in the frame
measures 40 mm × 6 mm
Product number
U20-50 Orm four pieces forming a circle
U20-51 Orm individual bench (legs not included)
U20-52 Orm one pair of legs
U20-53 1 Orm oiled oak end slat w/ screws
Fully assembled.
If you create a snake shaped bench please order two end slats for the entire bench.
If you create a circle no end slats required.
When several benches are combined to make a circle or snake shape please order one pair of legs per bench ordered.
A single bench is an individual quarter (a 90-degree section of a circle). Two benches are required to form a semi-circle and four are required to create a full circle. The bench can also be made in a straight length –upon request.
The slats are made in oiled red oak. The frame is made in pipe steel and laser-cut sheet steel. The steel parts are formed by sand-moulded casting, zinc-electroplated, chromated and polyester powder-coated in black RAL 9005.
Additional description number
M = Grounded-mounted (with extended legs)
N = Attachable
F = Alkyd oil enamelled pine
MH = Mahogany
T = Teak
Each pair of legs has two attachment points.Order two pairs of legs for a single bench or three
for two benches. Only four pairs of legs are required for four benches forming a circle. Wooden end slats must be ordered and fitted to any configuration other than a circle.
Oiled wood should be maintained regularly, at least twice a year. Over time oak darkens and turns grey.
Circular benches that can be grouped into circles, semi-circles or wavy shapes.