The Haga furniture group, shown in standard colour yellow.

Haga furniture group

Anders Nyquist

The Haga furniture group is a classic outdoor style for use in gardens, parks and residential landscapes.  While it looks and feels fresh today, its traditional shape is also well-suited to historic settings. Haga’s construction is uniquely versatile, enabling it to be quickly assembled and easily taken apart for winter storage. The bench is available in three different lengths with pine slats crafted in varying dimensions, enabling Haga to be ordered in range of shapes and sizes. Its seat height and robust proportions make it easier for the elderly to be seated and rise to their feet again.

Width: 62 cm
Depth: 50 cm
Height of seat: 45 cm
Height of back: 95 cm
Weight: 15 kg

Length: 130 cm / 171 cm / 226 cm
Width: 50 cm
Height of seat: 45 cm
Height of back: 95 cm
Weight: 25 kg / 35 kg / 45 kg

Length: 130 cm / 171 cm / 226 cm
Width: 50 cm
Height of seat: 45 cm
Height of back: 91 cm
Weight: 27 kg / 38 kg / 49 kg

Length: 150 cm
Width: 80 cm
Height: 73 cm
Weight: 20 kg / 24 kg

Diameter: 125 cm
Height: 73 cm
Weight: 30 kg / 33 kg
Product number
U16-50 Haga backed bench 171 cm
U16-51 Haga armchair
U16-52 Haga rectangular table
U16-53 Haga backed bench 130 cm
U16-54 Haga backed bench 226 cm
U16-55 Attaching iron

U16-58 Haga table round pine
Delivered in prefabricated parts that attach with screws, bolts and brackets. The products are freestanding. To attach them to the ground, please use the ground-mounting fixings for Haga in stainless steel, product code U16-55, one set of four pieces.
Available in yellow-glazed pine or oiled oak. The table, armchairs and benches may be ordered individually.
The products are made in either yellow-glazed pine or alkyd oil enamelled white oak. The oak is oiled.
Additional description number
Yellow-glazed pine and oiled oak can be maintained with wood oil if needed, white alkyd oil enamel should be maintained with alkyd oil enamel. Oiled oak will darken with time. Treat the furniture at least once a year.
This information can be found on each product's page; please see tables, chairs and benches.
Oile wood should be reoiled regularly. Painted pine can be repainted with oil alkyd enamel as required.
The Haga outdoor furniture group is a traditional style made for gardens, parks, residential landscapes and historical settings.