The Archer post with an arrow in relief. Add 'T' at the end of the product code when ordering.

The Archer bollard

Olle Anderson

This bollard top points pedestrians in the right direction. The arrow is formed in relief, giving it a tactile surface to guide individuals with impaired vision. The bollard can be combined with fence segments or linked with chains.

Heights above ground: 75 cm, 85 cm, 95 cm, 104 cm, 110 cm and 119 cm
Heights of finials: Arrow: 2.5 cm / Turned top: 12 cm

The pipe steel in the post has a diameter of 12.1 cm and is 4 mm thick
The side loops are 8 mm thick

Product number
Ö17-00 Archer bollard 75 cm
Ö17-01 Archer bollard 95 cm
Ö17-02 Archer bollard 110 cm

The bollard is produced in three heights ranging from 75 cm to 119 cm (above-ground heights)
The post is made of pipe steel.
The Archer finial is made from cast iron.
The base plate is made out of steel 8 mm thick painted in standard colour black RAL 9005.
The side loops are made out of steel 8 mm thick.
Additional description number
Add a number preceded by a dash to indicate the loops required:
1 = one loop on one side
2 = one loop on each side welded at an 180° angle
3 = one loop on each side welded at an 90° angle
N for attachable
M for groundmounted
T for tactile top on Archer
Freestanding. The supports for the ground-mounted version are extended for mounting beneath the surface. The attachable version bolts to a precast concrete foundation with M10 bolts. Bolts are not included.
Scratches to the powder-coated steel finish can be repainted with alkyd oil enamel as needed.
A bollard with an arrow top to point pedestrians in the right direction.