The Gjutjärns bollard is made of cast iron.

Cast iron bollard /gjutjärnspollare

Olle Anderson

Cast iron bollards are durable and long-lasting, withstanding wear-and-tear better than bollards made out of most other materials. The bollards are eight-sided and can be embellished by a round finials attached to the top. The bollards can form barriers to direct traffic and pedestrians.

Diameter: 9.5 cm
Height above ground: 110 cm
Height with finial: 117 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Product number
Ö30-10 Gjutjärnspollare, Cast Iron bollard attachable w/ bolt included
Ö30-10A Gjutjärnspollare, Cast Iron bollard ground-mounted
Ö30-20 Gjutjärnspollare, Cast Iron bollard w/finial attachable w/ bolt included
Ö30-20A Gjutjärnspollare, Cast Iron bollard w/ finial extended

Available in attachable or ground-mounted versions.
The bollard is made from cast iron with a diameter of 95 mm and painted black RAL 9005.
The ground-mounted version is cast directly into a concrete base. The attachable version should be bolted to a precast concrete foundation with the bolts provided.
Repaint with alkyd oil enamel as required.
These elegant eight-sided cast iron bollards can form barriers that direct traffic and pedestrians.