The Gnom bollard. Design Thomas Bernstrand The Gnom bollard. Design Thomas Bernstrand  A row of Gnom bollards in anthracite. Design Thomas Bernstrand The Gnom concrete bollard. Design Thomas Bernstrand

Gnom bollard

Thomas Bernstrand

This striking bollard forms a sturdy ground-mounted barrier while also providing public seating. The bollard’s multi-functional design makes it an efficient choice for pedestrian streets, alleyways and small squares, or any area where space is restricted and seating is required. Its sleek design makes the bollard a perfect accompaniment to modern architecture as well as suitable for historic districts.

Height: 55 cm
Diameter: 42 cm
Weight: 160 kg
Product number
Ö16-82 Gnom pollare.
Fully assembled and ready to be bolted to the ground. Due to its heavy weight, the bollard is delivered secured to a wooden pallet.
Coloured or untreated concrete.
Concrete. The coloured version contains pigments.
Additional description number
T for Terracotta
A for Antracit
G for Grey
One M16 bolt is required to secure the bollard to the ground. The bolt is included.
Clean with water.
A robust, well-proportioned bollard that can also be used as a seat.