The Grodd bollard.

Grodd bollard

Ulf Nordfjell

This cast iron bollard was originally designed for an urban park in Stockholm, intended to block off traffic access, yet, blend in with the surrounding plant life. The shape recalls a bean sprout, reflecting a natural theme yet providing a vertical shape that could provide a barrier function. The shape is uniquely organic while also functional and efficient. Grodd corresponds to other designs in the Nordfjell Collections.

Height above ground: 85 cm
Total height: 97 cm
Width: 14 cm
Depth: 17 cm
Width at base (widest point): 35 cm
Depth at base: 30 cm
Length of base plate for attachable/detachable version: 50 cm
Width of base plate for attachable/detachable version: 55 cm
Depth of base plate for attachable/detachable version: 30 cm
Product number
Ö16-15 Grodd bollard cast iron extended for ground-mounting
Ö16-15A Grodd bollard in recycled aluminium attachable
Fully assembled.
Available in ground-mounted and attachable/detachable versions.
The ground-mounted version is made in cast iron painted black RAL 9005. The attachable and detachable version is made in sand-cast recycled aluminium, also painted black. It secures to a hot-dip galvanised aluminium base.
The base for the ground-mounted version has four 18 mm holes for bolting to a precast concrete foundation at least 12 cm deep.

The base plate for the attachable/detachable bollard mounts to the ground or a precast concrete foundation. The bollard locks to the base plate with the key provided
Repainted if needed.
A unique cast iron bollard made in an organic shape that blends in with nature and surrounding plant-life.