Ulf Nordfjell

Designer Ulf Nordfjell is a leading landscape architect working partly in his own private practice and for Ramböll Sweden in Stockholm for public spaces. As an exhibition architect and designer he has created some of Sweden’s largest outdoor exhibitions and thus evoked a new interest for contemporary Swedish garden design, among others the Garden Society in Gothenburg in 2008.  Ulf has won many prizes for his landscape architecture in Sweden. City parks in the cities of Linköping, Lund, Malmö, Norrköping, Umeå, Skellefteå and Stockholm, are prime examples of Ulf’s work. The main entrance of the Botanical Garden and the Garden Society in Gothenburg are examples of reconstructed and developed historical parks. Examples of City development including modern parks are large projects in Skellefteå and Umeå and new housing projects in Stockholm such as Silverdal, Sollentuna and Dalenum, Lidingö.

Numerous private gardens throughout Sweden bear testament to Ulf’s creative landscape skills. Ulf’s interest in combining architecture and design with horticulture and nature is well known and he has developed his own style, based on the local genus for every project. His passion for designing with plants can be seen in all of his projects, all of which take into consideration the variable climates that appear from the North to South of Sweden. An example is the permanent exhibition “The Gardens of the Forest” at Wij gardens in Ockelbo. “I think Swedish nature is always present in my garden design.”

Ulf won RHS Gold medals for his Tribute to Linnaeus Garden 2007, The Daily Telegraph Garden 2009 and The Laurent – Perrier garden 2013. In 2009 he was awarded the prestigious title Best In Show. Nowadays he is focusing on a huge private estate in Stockholm and his third garden on the French Riviera. Ulf is now working on a new book about his garden design being published spring 2021 at Prisma/Nordstedts.

Designed by Ulf Nordfjell