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Every day, cities evolve at a rapid pace, and the needs of urban cyclists grow with them. Today, city-dwellers are cycling more than ever before, which is good for the environment, and important for the well-being of all. As urban planning and infrastructure projects reflect these new priorities, our range of products for cyclists is meeting them too. They’re making it easier to choose to cycle, and more satisfying to leave the car in the garage. This selection of bike racks, bollards, bike sheds and other Nola products are designed to keep urban cyclists on the move.


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Ekeberg Bike Stand

Klock & Sæter

Ekeberg enables individual bicycles to be parked in place and held upright. Ekeberg’s frame can hold the bicycle’s front wheel securely, while also providing an upright post where the bicycle frame can be securely locked. An excellent choice for contemporary settings, Ekeberg’s design enables bicycles to stand neatly in place.


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Ekberg’s frame forms a slot that holds the bicycle’s front wheel securely, with an upright post where the bicycle frame can be securely locked.

Revet Bike Shed

Bengt Isling

The Revet bike shed is a purpose-built enclosure with plenty of room for bicycles. This easy-to-assemble prefabricated structure is built with a durable wooden roof that curves downward to create a wall. Several structures can be combined side-by-side to create a longer shed. Revet offers a value-for-money bike shed with the potential to be extended according to specific requirements. Revet can also provide shelter for baby prams and outdoor equipment.


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Hoop Bike Stand

Broberg & Ridderstråle

The Hoop bike stand is a multi-functional urban design that can also function as a bollard. The design is simple, consisting of a single aluminium post where multiple bicycles can be securely fastened. The upper ring is positioned so that locks can be attached securely from any direction. Locks, chains and steel cables are easily wound through the ring or attached to the base.


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Hoop comes in two standard colors, black and gray, but can be supplied in any desired color for additional costs.

Paus Rest Support/Bicycle Stand
News 2021!

Nina Jobs

Paus is a range which brings a sense of speed and efficiency to the user. A simple, but flexible place to pause for a while in public spaces. The design is made of sand-cast aluminium and is sculpted to make the most comfortable sitting experience, despite its small surface area. Paus is available in three heights suitable for different purposes: high, low and somewhere in between.


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Gard sofa and table alongside Paus Bike Support. Photo: Åsa Liffner.

Blenda Bike Stand

Blenda Design

Blenda is a bicycle stand that can also create a sleek barrier. Bicycles can be securely fastened to the upper portion, with the wheel and frame secured on either side. Blenda’s sleek, space-saving shape is an excellent alternative to outdoor bicycle racks in commercial areas, car parks or urban courtyards. Blenda is available with an integrated lighting unit inside.


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Blenda bicycle stand with integrated LED lighting. Tomteboda, Stockholm. Photo: Jann Lipka

Våg Bike Shed


With its lightweight fibreglass construction, Våg almost seems to float over the landscape. Våg is designed and produced in sections that can be positioned laterally, running parallel to a building’s façade or following the length of a carpark, city square or transport hub. Våg was designed as a complement to contemporary architecture and suits any modern outdoor development.


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MAX IV in Lund. Design, Snøhetta Architects, Jenny Osuldsen. Våg bicycle shelter and Duo bicycle stand.

Seagull Bike Shed

Kristofer Hansén

Like the wings of a bird, the roof of the Seagull bike shed is made in an aerodynamic shape that appears to be in flight. The overhead structure is crafted in streamlined supporting struts attached to a central girder and bolted to round supports. The roof is available as a single structure or as a double-sided design. Seagull is available in standard lengths of four, six and eight metres.


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Seagull bicycle shed and Goggle Bike Stand in Flemingsberg, Stockholm.

Goggle & Goggle 2 Bicycle Rack

Erik Österlund

The Goggle and Goggle 2 bike rack is characterised by galvanised hoops fastened to horizontal bars. The hoops are constructed from pairs of circular metal sized to hold a bicycle wheel. A range of rack alternatives is available, making Goggle a uniquely versatile system. The hoops can be attached to a base plate, a single bar, a double-sided rack or secured to a purpose-built structure for a decorative effect. The ground-mounted single-sided version is also available with a wooden ledge along the top.


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Goggle sykelställsystem är ett enkelt och prisvärt cykelställsystem för alla typer av däck. Förändringsbart och flexibelt i längd.

Goggle 2 is a robust modification of the Goggle Bicycle Rack system.

Hook Bike Stand

Note Design Studio

The broad strip of metal forming Hook’s structure gives it a robust appearance, but its narrow width makes it appear smaller when viewed from the side. Available in eye-catching orange, pastel blue or light grey, the colour choice can make the cycle stand more visible or enable it to melt seamlessly into the background.


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A streamlined bicycle stand bold enough to stand out in the urban environment.

Goggle & Goggle 2 Bike Stand

Nola Studios

The Goggle bike stand is an efficient combination of metal rings and freestanding poles. Sleek metal rings at the top provide fixtures where bicycles can be securely locked. The bicycle stands can be positioned in a long row or arranged in curving shapes to complement the landscape around them. This bike stand can be used on its own or as an efficient complement to the Goggle 2 system.


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Goggle is a simple bicycle stand for locking of bikes.

Goggle 2 together with Seagull bike shed. Goggle 2 is a simple and robust bike stand with a slightly larger loop for easier bike locking.

Fogdarp Bike Stand

Anna Kraitz

Designed with practicality in mind, this cycle stand is deliberately streamlined to facilitate use. Sustainable design and environmentally-friendly. The sleekness and simplicity of Fogdarp uses less material than most cycle stands, making it greener to produce. It provides a reliable means of securing cycles, ultimately making them less vulnerable to theft.


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Örebro Bike Rack

Nola Studio

Örebro is formed by a length of bent steel resting on two legs. Double steel strips are designed to hold bicycle wheels securely in place, providing space for chains and locks to be securely fastened. Örebro’s simplicity enables it to blend in with outdoor urban settings and contemporary architecture. Single-sided and double-sided version are available, with spaces for eight bicycles or ten. 


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Biker's Rest Bike Stand

Marcus Abrahamsson

This bollard gives cyclists a footrest to lean against and a handle to hold on to while waiting at traffic lights. The metal mesh insert on the footrest provides a grip to push off from, while the handle helps the cyclist maintain an upright position. Crafted from tubular steel and extruded metal, the bollard coordinates well with most features in the urban landscape, including the traffic light itself.


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