Open-Air Theatre in Malmö

Commissioner: Municipality of Malmö, Sweden
Architect: Elin Einarsson
Scenographer: Annika Carlsson
Designers: Broberg & Ridderstråle
Completion: 2014
Site: Pildammsparken, Malmö, Sweden


The open-air theatre in central Malmö’s Pildammsparken is considered to be a themed playground. It’s a place for everyone, where people of all ages can relax, play, listen to music and watch performances. The colours and designs chosen for the site reflect this, and create areas where visitors can meet, sit and enjoy picnics. Open year-round, the open-air theatre provides sunny spots, shade in summer and illumination in darkness.

Nola’s contributions to the project include Bill Post pillars, which are designed with downlighters that illuminate their surfaces from above. Parco products were installed in rows, or positioned to create seating clusters. The seating includes child seats and designs with armrests that support people of all abilities as they rise to their feet again. The theatre’s colour theme extends throughout the site, on playground equipment as well as outdoor seating.