Fredriksbergsbadet Outdoor Swimming Pool

Client: Västerås municipality
Landscape architect: Topia landscape architects
Architect: Carlstedt Arkitekter
Designers: Thomas Bernstrand, Mats Aldén, Broberg & Ridderstråle, White Arkitekter and Olle Andersson
Date completed: 2022


The renovations were carried out following a fire in 2017 that destroyed the historic swimming complex previously known as Råbybadet. The new complex was designed by Carlstedt Arkitekter and landscaped within a municipal park that welcomes visitors into the swimming complex. The park and its surroundings were designed by Topia landscape architects, who created an outdoor environment that everyone can enjoy.

"The idea behind the choice of outdoor furniture was to create distinctive places and address different needs within a small footprint," says Arvid Hellström, landscape architect at Topia.

Nola’s LowBed sun loungers by Mats Aldén were situated at the edge of the pool, provide a relaxing place to sunbathe or a comfortable seat for those watching over children playing. Closer to the building, tables and chairs from the Parco series provide seating for visitors who don't want to sit in the grass or prefer sitting in the shade. 

Lowbed, designed by Mats Aldén, offers comfortable seating by the pool for parents of young children as well as the sun bather.

Tables and chairs from the Parco furniture group designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle.

The Orm bench in the foreground, designed by White Architects & Olle Anderson, together with chairs and table in the Korg series by Thomas Bernstrand ties the premises together with the surrounding area seamlessly.

"We think that the colour comple­­­ments the plants, the paved areas and, of course, the water itself,"

Arvid Hellström, landscape architect at Topia.

"We think that the colour complements the plants, the paved areas and, of course, the water itself," says Hellström. 

Near the complex entrance, chairs from the Korg series demarcate a place where visitors can enjoy a snack or take a quiet break. Nearby, Nola’s Orm bench winds around a tree to provide a place for spontaneous gatherings. Together with small tables and chairs from the Korg series, the products foster natural connections between the different parts of the site. Overall, the result is a harmonising set of designs that offer variety in terms of comfort and function.

"We extended the urban expression of the swimming pool complex into the terrace area closest to the building. It creates a contrast to the lawn and the area around the pool. We believe that uniting these different areas on the same site is quite unique for projects like this," says Arvid.

The combination of Parco benches and the LowBeds make sure that the visitors different needs are met, which was an important thing to take into consideration for the landscape architects at Topia.