Sigtuna Strandpromenad and Hamnplan

Commissioner: Sigtuna Municipality
Landscape architect: White arkitekter
Designers: Nordfjell Collection, Broberg & Ridderstråle, White arkitekter, Mats Aldén 


On behalf of Sigtuna Municipality, White Architects have developed two attractive meeting places and enhanced the recreational value for residents and visitors.

The Sigtuna Strandpromenad was developed in close dialogue with the municipality and with input from a citizen dialogue where prioritized wishes included play and boule. In the park, a playground has been integrated among existing large trees, and new boule courts have been added. Additionally, visitors can find seating areas for social interaction as well as relaxation, the latter beneath pergola arches with a beautiful view of Lake Mälaren.

The Arch pergola and revolving chairs from the Parco series give the place its tranquil character. To add vitality and movement, the team at White architects chose the Långbordet (long table), for its ability to accommodate many and its flexibility, easily adaptable to the space.

Långbordet was chosen for its ability to accommodate many, as well as its flexibility.

Where the promenade meets the harbor, an old parking lot has been transformed into a meeting place with a wooden deck for sun worshippers; Sigtuna Hamnplan. Here, new inviting furniture, rich vegetation, and a beautiful natural stone pavement create an obvious gathering place. New benches and seating areas invite people to linger, socialize, and enjoy the beautiful view.

“The sofas in the square are playfully designed to strengthen the place's identity, encourage playfulness and movement, and appeal to all ages. The varied sofas needed additional seating that is more accessible. These were placed in a more secluded area alongside the lush planting areas,” says Cecilia Jarlöv, responsible landscape architect.

“The sofas in the square are play­fully designed to streng­then the place's identity, encourage play­ful­ness and move­ment, and appeal to all ages.”

Cecilia Jarlöv, landscape architect

The Arch pergola and revolving chairs from the Parco series give the place its tranquil character.

The High Sofa and High Chair were chosen for this purpose, as the combination provides a varied impression. With both options, visitors can choose between a cozy two-seater sofa or their own armchair. Cecilia Jarlöv also praises the inclusive aspects offered by the furniture series:

“High is an inclusive furniture series; each seat has a backrest and armrests, and there is space to park a wheelchair alongside. There is also an operational aspect when selecting furniture for public spaces, and the choice is made in close dialogue with the municipality. High meets the tough requirements for durability and complements the custom-built sofa beautifully.”

The High Sofa and High Chair were chosen to create a diverse impression.