Kalmarsund armchair, reddish-brown NCS S 4550-Y80R, frame black RAL 9005. Kalmarsund armchair  Kalmarsund armchair  Kalmarsund armchair

Kalmarsund armchair

Lars Gunnars

This robust armchair is made for use in gardens, parks and alongside urban streets. Part of the Kalmarsund furniture suite, the armchair’s contemporary shape and sleek profile suit a wide variety of outdoor settings. Placed together, two armchairs create an attractive pair of seats, or can be grouped around a table with several others to form a seating arrangement or dining area. The armchair complements the Kalmarsund benches, which are available in two- or three-seater versions, wall-mounted or freestanding. The armchair’s seat, backrest and frame are available in a variety of colours, making it easy to coordinate with a design scheme. The armrests for the armchair and Backed bench are now extended for increased accessibility.

Length: 61 cm
Hight: 46 cm
With: 57 cm
Weight: 32 kg
Product number
U11-26 Kalmarsund armchair ground-mounted
U11-27 Kalmarsund armchair attachable
U11-06 Start-up fee for frame in non-standard colours
U11-07 Start-up fee for seat and back in non-standard colours
Seat and back fully assembled. Legs are delivered separately.
Ground-mounted or attached to the surface.
Alkyd enamel on pine or MDF-H.
Oiled teak.
All steel parts are sand-blasted, zinc-plated, yellow-chromed and powder-coated.
Additional description number
A alkyd enamel on pine light green NCS S 6010-G10Y, frame green RAL 6012
C alkyd enamel on pine, any colour
F oiled oak, frame black RAL 9005
G teak enamel on pine, frame black RAL9005
H alkyd enamel on pine, reddish-brown NCS S 4550-Y80R, frame black RAL 9005
T oiled teak, frame black RAL 9005
Start-up fee for non-standard colours.
The supports for the ground-mounted version are extended by 50 cm for mounting beneath the ground. The attachable version should be bolted to a pre-cast concrete foundation with M10 bolts. Bolts are not included.
Oiled oak or oiled teak should be re-oiled regularly, at least twice a year. Over time the oiled oak and teak turns grey. Polyester powder-coated steel can be repainted with alkyd oil enamel as needed.
Part of the Kalmar furniture suite, this contemporary armchair has a sleek profile that complements any urban setting. The armrests are extended for increased accessibility.