Frank chid seat, design David Taylor  Frank chid seat, design David Taylor Frank chid seat, design David Taylor

Frank child chair

David Taylor

The Frank child’s chair provides a uniquely inclusive design. Children’s versions have been a standard feature in public space for several decades, designating areas where parents and children can sit in comfort. The Frank child’s chair is a sturdy and stable design, made with feet that attach securely to the ground. Wooden laths stretching across the recycled aluminium frame form the seat and backrest, adding classic elements to the armchair’s contemporary shape. When the child’s chair is installed together with the bench and armchair, the three products create a furniture group that suits any park, playground or public area. The Frank child’s chair was launched at a time when the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was incorporated into Swedish law, mandating child-centred approaches in all public sector activities.


Length: 35 cm
Width: 32 cm
Height: 55 cm
Height of seat: 31 cm
Weight: 8 kg
Product number
U19-29 Frank child’s chair
Painted pine, oiled oak, or mahogany.

Frame in powder-coated, sand-cast 100 % recycled aluminum in Noir 2200 Sablé.
Seat and back in painted pine light grey NCS S5502-B, oiled oak or oiled mahogany
Additional description number
A for painted pine in light grey.
E for oiled oak
MH for mahogany
 Prepared for attaching to the ground.
Wood improvement is painted with alkyd paint in matching NCS colour. Oiled oak is advantageously oiled annually.
Squares, parks, public places, playgrounds, school yards, shopping malls.
Child seat in recyclable aluminum.