The Forged Steel Fence has attractive gates designed in a complementary style. The Forged Steel Fence.

Forged steel fence

Lars Gunnars

This flexible steel fence is made to resemble traditional metal railing, but is constructed in pre-fabricated sections that are easy to install. The metal is protected by a tough, rust-resistant coating and a durable surface layer of polyurethane paint. The sections can be ground-mounted and are easily assembled with standard M10 nuts and bolts. The timeless appeal of this simple style will seem contemporary for years to come.

Standard lengths: C-C 90 cm / C-C 120 cm / C-C 238 cm
Standard heights: 80 cm / 100 cm
Height above ground after installation: 90 cm and 110 cm

The standard heights above ground are 90 cm and 110 cm
The fence posts measure 60 mm in diameter with a depth of 3 mm
The gateposts measure 60 mm or 120 mm in diameter with a depth of 3 mm
Product number
Ö19-30 Forged steel fence C-C 180 cm
Ö19-31 Forged steel fence C-C 120 cm
Ö19-32 Forged steel fence C-C 90 cm
Ö19-33 Forged steel fence 238 cm
Ö19-37 Forged steel fence section made for cutting on site to sizes 226.4 cm/ 214.8 cm/ 203.2 cm/ 191.6 cm/ 180 cm/ 168.4 cm
Ö19-34 Forged steel fence double gate C-C 282 cm w/ 2 gateposts
Ö19-35 Forged steel fence single gate C-C 96 cm w/2 gateposts
Ö19-36 Forged steel fence single gate C-C 96 cm w/2 gateposts for mounting to walls
Ö19-40 Forged steel end post
Ö19-41 Forged steel straight mid-post
Ö19-42 Forged steel angled post 90° angle
Ö19-43 Forged steel angled post 135° angle
Delivered in sections for assembly on site with M10 bolts.
Available in three standard lengths: 90 cm, 120 cm and 238 cm and in a choice of two heights.
The fence is made in forged steel painted with TecTalis® corrosion protection and polyester powder coating in black RAL 9005.
Additional description number
90 = 90 cm total height above ground
110 = 110 cm total height above ground
The poles are extended and prepared for ground mounting.
Repaint with alkyd oil enamel as required.
A flexible steel fence that resembles traditional metal railing. Constructed in pre-fabricated sections, the fence is easy to install.