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Kebne sign

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Kebne outdoor gym includes a collection sign with inspiration map and graphics of the most common strength training exercises. Descriptions of the exercises can be ordered with a sign holder, post and sign. The sign is available in six variants, one of which is the collective sign for the entire Kebne system and the other five are adapted to each training module. KebnesSignSystem

Post with sign:
Post height above ground: 200 cm
Length: 2010 cm
Ø post: 6 cm

Sign plate: 42.4 X 60 cm

Sign with printed training exercises in 2 mm disc in laminated foamed Forexplast: 41.4 x 59 cm
Product number
Ö72-15: Post with sign plate.

Ö72-SIGN: Collection plate with descriptions for all 5 modules.
Ö72-SIGN 1: exercises module 1
Ö72-SIGN 2: exercises module 2
Ö72-SIGN 3: exercises module 3
Ö72-SIGN 4: exercises module 4
Ö72-SIGN 5: exercises module 5
Ö72-SIGN C: unique sign with specific number of modules

Ö72-16 Fastening fittings 4 pcs / set.
Available as a collection plate and as an individual variant for each module 1-5.
Standard colors: Gray RAL 7016 antracit, Yellow RAL 1023 och red RAL 3009.
Electro-plated powdercoated 38 x 2,5 mm steel pipe.
Additional description number
GR for grey RAL 7016 antracit
GUL for yellow RAL 1023
VR for red RAL 3009
C for any colour, start up fee.
M for ground mounted, to foundation 200 mm below ground.
N för attachable, mounted to foundation in ground level.
Repainted as needed