Basket with round steel spines. Basket made in flat steel.

Basket litterbin

Thomas Andersson

This striking litterbin is a contemporary alternative to the traditional woven wastepaper basket. Strips of cane are replaced with sleek metal spines, creating an efficient outdoor design. The Basket litterbin combines function and form in a cylindrical container and a basket-like protective outer casing. Its wide mouth makes it an easy target for waste items, which disappear into the container underneath.

Diameter: 82 cm
Height: 90 cm
Weight of concrete base: 47 kg
Volume: 80 l

The steel pipe in the top ring measures 25 mm × 25 mm
The spines on the sides have a diameter of 10 mm
The bands that hold the spines in place are made from flat steel
measuring 60 mm × 6 mm
The rim is 1 mm thick
Product number
Ö30-80 Basket litterbin ground-mounted
Ö30-83 Basket litterbin attachable
Ö30-84 Basket litterbin freestanding w/ concrete base
B11-06 Start-up fee for non-standard colours on steel
Delivered in parts for assembly on site.
Available in three versions: ground-mounted, attachable or freestanding with a concrete base.
The top ring is made in steel pipe measuring 25 mm × 25 mm. The spines on the sides are made from solid steel with a diameter of 10 mm. The bands that encase them at the top and bottom are made from flat steel measuring 60 mm × 6 mm. The rim is made from aluminium with a thickness of 1 mm. The inner container is made from aluminium-zinc and powder-coated sheet steel.
Additional description number
For non-standard colours, add a number from the RAL-chart.
The supports for the ground-mounted version are extended for mounting beneath the surface of the ground. The attachable version should be bolted to the pavement with bolts M10. Bolts are not included.
Scratches to powder-coated steel can be treated with alkyd oil enamel as needed.
This efficient outdoor litterbin is constructed with a basket-like protective outer casing.