The Slingan ashtray mounted to a post. The Slingan ashtray shown in a wall-mounted application. The Slingan ashtray mounted to a post.

Slingan ashtray

Gunilla Hedlund

Slingan’s spiraling form resembles an architectural detail more than an ashtray. Slingan can be mounted to a wall or fixed to a freestanding support. Its unique shape complements rounded structures such as columns and posts, or provides a striking contrast to flat surfaces and right angles. A discreet flap in the ashtray’s underside opens fully, making it easy to empty.

Height: 32 cm
Diameter: 18 cm
Weight: 4.8 kg

Height: 108 cm
Weight: 12.5 kg

The stainless steel sheet in the cylinder is 2 mm thick
The steel in the frame is 4 mm thick
Product number
Ö15-01 Slingan ashtray wall-mounted
Ö15-01N Slingan support post
Fully assembled.
Wall-mounted or attached to a post and secured to the surface.
The cylinder is made in 2 mm stainless steel.
The grate is made in anodised cast aluminium.
The frame is made in 4 mm zinc-electroplated steel powder-coated in standard colour black RAL 9005.
The bolts included are stainless steel.
The flap that opens to empty the contents is opened by a hexagon socket head screw, which is included.
The wall-mounted version fastens with three M8 bolts measuring 10 mm x 30 mm and three washers measuring 10 mm x 21 mm. They are included in the delivery.
The support post bolts to the surface with three 16 mm M8 bolts and thee lockable nuts. They are included in the delivery. The post is prepared with two holes with a diameter of 13 mm for 12 mm bolts, which are not included.
Regular cleaning to remove ash and grime is recommended.
The Slingan ashtray spirals into an intriguing shape that can be emptied easily.