The Kvadrat ashtray, wall-mounted. The Kvadrat ashtray mounted to a post.

Kvadrat ashtray

Eva Herdin

The Kvadrat ashtray is efficient, flexible and functional. The basket is perforated with a repeating pattern of square shapes, making it as lightweight as it is attractive. The ashtray can be paired with the Kvadrat litterbin, and together, the two have a wide range of combination possibilities.


Diameter: 15 cm
Height: 24 cm
Weight: 2.5 kg
Weight of concrete base: 23 kg

Diameter: 33 cm
Height including lid: 72 cm
Height including support post: 81 cm
Volume: 42 litres
Weight including wall-bracket: 12 kg
Weight of basked and support post for casting into concrete: 15 kg
Product number
Ö16-63 Kvadrat litterbin concrete base
Ö16-63S/90 Kvadrat litterbin bracket for a 90 mm ø post
Ö16-63S/108 Kvadrat litterbin for a 108 mm ø post
Ö16-63S/121 Kvadrat litterbin for a 121 mm ø post
Ö16-64T Kvadrat litterbin w/ closable lid attaches to a post
Ö16-64TM Kvadrat litterbin w/ closable lid post for ground-mounting
Ö16-64TV Kvadrat litterbin w/closable lid for wall-mounting
Ö16-65T Kvadrat litterbin w/ open lid including an ashtray and attachable post
Ö16-65TM Kvadrat litterbin w/ open lid including ashtray & pole for ground-mounting
Ö16-66T Kvadrat litterbin w/ closable lid including ashtray & freestanding post
Ö16-66TM Kvadrat litterbin w/ closable lid including ashtray & post for ground-mounting
Ö16-67T Kvadrat litterbin w/ open lid and attachable post
Ö16-67TM Kvadrat litterbin w/ open lid and a post for ground-mounting
Ö16-67TV Kvadrat litterbin w/ open lid for wall-mounting
Ö16-68K Kvadrat ashtray w/ wall bracket
Ö16-69T Kvadrat ashtray post for securing to ground
Ö16-69TM Kvadrat ashtray post for ground-mounting
Ö16-70K Kvadrat ashtray freestanding w/ side opening
U19-38 Start-up fee for non-standard colours
Delivered in parts for assembly on site.
Wall-mounted, attachable or ground-mounted.
The basket is made from perforated sheet steel that is zinc-electroplated, chromed and polyester powder-coated in black RAL 9005.
The inner container is made of stainless steel sheet.
The support post and wall bracket are made of steel.
The lid is made of anodised aluminium.
The freestanding base is made of cast concrete.
Please refer to the assembly instructions. The litterbin is secured with bolts. Bolts are not included.
Polyester powder-coated steel can be repainted with alkyd oil enamel as needed.
The Kvadrat litterbin is a efficient, flexible and functional design that can be complemented by an ashtray.