Klimattävling inom arkitektur, design och stadsutveckling


For the second year in a row, the Climate Gallery competition is accepting applications from those with an interest in climate issues and the sustainable development of society overall. The competition brings together architecture, design and urban development as it inspires applicants to dawn new ideas for minimizing the effects of climate change within the built environment. Applicants are invited to submit written concepts for the solution they propose along with illustrations showing how they could be realised. Nola is a proud sponsor of this initiative to address climate change.

The Climate Gallery was established by Outer Space Architects, who are hosting the competition. Their aim is to encourage new ideas for how the construction industry can reduce its carbon footprint and circulate them among various stakeholders in the industry.

   “Last year’s entry highlighted a wide range of solutions targeting climate change and the contexts that they should operate within,” says Sam Keshavarz, landscape architect at Outer Space Architects. “We were very inspired to see the rich tapestry of ideas submitted last time and are looking forward to this year's entries too.”

The competition is open to all and the deadline for entries is 11 January 2023. The entries will be published online and presented in a gallery exhibition. The winner will be selected by a jury of industry professionals. In addition to sponsorship from Nola, Svenskt Trä (the Swedish Wood association) are also sponsoring the competition.

For more information, please see (only in Swedish)

Last year’s competition entries can be viewed on the website, including the ‘Garbage Prison’ project. It proposes creative solutions for breaking away from the cycles of waste associated with climate change.

Fler nyheter


Nola will be selling the entire collection of products provided for the Greenhouse Bar during the 2023 Stockholm Furniture Fair. We hope that giving the products a second life in new environments will enable them to be used and enjoyed for many years to come.

Autumn is here, and that means that the long-awaited Paris Design Week is finally back. Nola take part by participating in the ‘Swedish Secrets’ design show at the Swedish Institute in Paris, presenting a selection of new designs and favourite products.

Take the opportunity to visit the housing show and future exhibition at the H22 City Expo in Helsingborg, Sweden before it ends — it’s well worth a visit. Nola are presenting products at the expo in four different areas and we hope to see you there before the 3rd of July.

Few things engage the industry and inspire creativity as much as design fairs do. Nola will participate in the H22 Expo in Helsingborg and take part in a range of the expo’s activities and events.