Nola’s Graphic Identity Nominated for the Swedish Design Award


We are pleased to announce that Nola's graphic identity has been nominated for the Swedish Design Award 2022. The agency behind our graphic profile is Nuet, a Stockholm-based design studio, who placed Nola's principles of playfulness, social sustainability and commitment to good design at the heart of our brand communication.

Nola’s collaboration with Nuet began in Autumn 2020, when we decided to update our graphic profile. In fact, we set out to strengthen and accentuate the aspects of our brand that we already loved, and to communicate our core values more strongly. That's how we work with product design, so it made sense to reflect that in our graphic identity too. We design products that can be appreciated at first glance, and that can also be understood through our communication with customers, web visitors and the experience of the users themselves.


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Our graphic communication is managed by Nuet’s art director Håkan Ängquist and copywriter Frida Jeppsson Prime. Together, they create content, branding and visuals for Nola on an ongoing basis. As for their results so far, we couldn't be prouder of what they’ve achieved.

You can view the nominations in each category and cast your vote here  before 26 September. To view Nola’s entry, scroll down to ’Grafisk Identitet – Handel av Varor’ and select ‘Nola / Nuet Studios’. To vote, select the nominee of your choice and click the ‘Rösta’ button to cast your ballot.

Established in 2005, the Swedish Design Award is a national design competition open to professionals working in graphic design, product design and other parts of the creative industries. Winners receive a Gold Medal award, with runners-up receiving a Silver Prize. People’s Choice awards are given to nominees who receive the most votes from the Swedish public.

Fler nyheter


Nola will be selling the entire collection of products provided for the Greenhouse Bar during the 2023 Stockholm Furniture Fair. We hope that giving the products a second life in new environments will enable them to be used and enjoyed for many years to come.

Autumn is here, and that means that the long-awaited Paris Design Week is finally back. Nola take part by participating in the ‘Swedish Secrets’ design show at the Swedish Institute in Paris, presenting a selection of new designs and favourite products.

Take the opportunity to visit the housing show and future exhibition at the H22 City Expo in Helsingborg, Sweden before it ends — it’s well worth a visit. Nola are presenting products at the expo in four different areas and we hope to see you there before the 3rd of July.

Few things engage the industry and inspire creativity as much as design fairs do. Nola will participate in the H22 Expo in Helsingborg and take part in a range of the expo’s activities and events.