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Kebne Outdoor Gym, by Kauppi & Kauppi, consists of five individual units for resistance training and stretching. Kebne is a complete system for building muscle tone and strength by using the body as a co­unter­weight. With Kebne comes a community vision for creating inclusive meeting places for all people. Each installation welcomes everyone regardless of their age, fitness ability or level of mobility.


The units have sculptural shapes, ren­dering strong, graphic profiles that look as attra­ctive against an urban backdrop as they do in parks and natural settings. Kebne is a popular choice for city squares, learning environments, campuses, beaches and recreation areas.

Just as each of Kebne’s units can be used for a wide range of individual exercises and fitness routines, they also provide places where children can play. None of the units are limit­ed to a single activity, creating a versatile system for a full body work out and a place for the whole family to enjoy.

None of the units include moving parts such as pulleys or le­­vers, making them easy to maintain without any mechanical servicing required.

Kebne encourages workout routines that offer more freedom and flex­i­bility than conventional outdoor gyms that are made with moving parts. Kebne empowers individuals to regu­late their range of movement and control the amount of resistance by choosing po­sitions that match their level of fitness.

Bars placed at different heights facilitate a single exercise in different ways. Here, individuals perform the same back, shoulders and biceps exercise by choosing different positions. The high bar promotes stretching and toning, while the lower bar requires use of full body weight to build muscle and strength.

The frame of each Kebne gym unit is constructed in robust steel without any moving parts, requiring no me­chan­ical maintenance at all. Therefore, the units are subjected to less wear-and-tear than those made for conventional outdoor gyms.

The wooden parts are crafted in environmentally-friendly Accoya wood, a durable hardwood chosen for its ability to withstand weather and wind. The Accoya wood is treated by a patented process that preserves the wood’s sustainably.

The clue is in the name. Kebne is inspired by the peaks of Kebnekaise, Sweden’s tallest mountain. Together, the units can represent a mountain landscape, or just symbolize the great outdoors in an open-air environment.

Scanning the QR code opens links to recommended exercises.

The Kebne outdoor gym has its own exercise manual, developed by Nola in collaboration with Summit Calisthenics. It provides a digital work-out guide where individuals can view videos of the exercise routines in their mobiles.

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Just as each of Kebne’s units can be used for a wide range of individual exercises and fitness routines, they also provide places where children can play. Photo: Luca Lomazzi.

Kebne gym can be installed in a wide range of environments and attached to most level surfaces. In parks, and on lawns, the units can be sec­u­red to the ground by creating level foundations underneath them for bolts to be inserted. A soft surface can be created by several different types of material.

For example, Corkeen, wood chips, synthetic bark or fine sand can be used to create a shock-absorbing surface that can prevent water accumulation.

Kebne Outdoor Gym is installed around Cirkusgården in Gavlegårdarna, Gävle. Photo: Jann Lipka.