Picnic table for children, design Anders Nyquist Classic picnic table in special color. Design Anders Nyquist

Picnic table

Anders Nyquist

Picnic tables are designed for dining, but are also used for relaxing outdoors, making crafts and other activities. This picnic table is a classic outdoor design that incorporates benches and tabletop into a single piece of furniture. Whether placed in public parks, residential gardens, campsites or rest areas, or used indoors in playrooms, schools or cafeterias, picnic tables provide a practical alternative to tables and chairs. Each table provides seating for four to six people.

U02-05 Picnic table

Length: 200 cm
Width: 153 cm
Height: 75 cm
Weight: 60 kg

U02-06 Picnic table for children

Length: 200 cm
Width: 141 cm
Height: 550 cm
Weight: 55 kg

U02-08 Picnic table, accessible

Length: 265 cm
Width: 153 cm
Height: 80 cm
Weight: 65 kg

Product number
U02-05 Picnic table.
U16-55 Mounting hardware set of 4 pcs.
U02-06 Picnic table for children.
U02-08 Picnic table, accessible.
Assembly required.
Freestanding and attachable.
Made from impregnated pine.
Freestanding or attachable.
The bolts may need to be tightened from time to time. The wood should be oiled regularly.
A classic outdoor design made for dining, relaxing and other activities.