The Kajen furniture group includes a bench, a table and a backed bench.

Kajen table

Thomas Bernstrand

Part of the Kajen furniture group, this efficient table is constructed from wooden slats and sized to suit the seating in the range. The bent steel legs can be bolted to the ground, anchoring the table permanently in place. The table can be paired with Kajen benches to create a setting for outdoor dining or recreation. Placed in environments where the Kajan Mini or other Kajan benches are installed, the table becomes part of a coordinating furniture suite that makes diverse space more uniform. The table can be accessorised by a tray and menu holder from the Kajen group.

Lengths: 120 cm, 180 cm or 300 cm
Depth: 74.5 cm
Overall height: 72 cm

The connector plates measure 8 mm x 58 mm
The legs measure 12 mm x 60 mm
The wooden slats measure 56 mm x 26 mm
Product number
U16-94 Kajen bord.
Some assembly required. The tabletop bolts to the legs and metal parts.
Available in standard lengths of 120 cm, 180 cm and 300 cm. The table can be paired with seating in the Kajen furniture group.
The legs and frame are made in steel. All steel parts are galvanised and powder-coated in Noir 2150 Sablé. Other colours are available upon request.
The slats are crafted in painted pine or oiled FSC-certified Ipé.
The standard colour for pine is white NCS 0502-Y or light grey NCS S5502-B
Additional description number
120 = 120 cm length
180 = 180 cm length
300 = 300 cm length
A = Pine painted with alkyd oil enamel standard colour white NCS 0502-Y
G= Pine painted with alkyd oil enamel standard colour light grey white NCS 5502-B
C = Pine painted with white alkyd oil enamel in non-standard colours
IPE = Oiled Ipé
The table bolts to the ground at two attachment points.