The Kajen bench 180 cm in oiled ipé. Design Thomas Bernstrand  The Kajen bench 300 cm in oiled ipé, along with Kajen sun benches. Design Thomas Bernstrand. Foto: Per Karehed.

Kajen bench

Thomas Bernstrand

This bench may be created from conventional wooden slats, but its design is completely unique. The seat sits atop simple structural supports at either side to form a simple and practical design. This bench can be paired with other seating in the Kajen series, such as the backed bench and footrest, or the standard Kajen bench with a backrest and armrests.

Lengths: 120 cm, 180 cm and 300 cm
Height: 46 cm
Depth: 40 cm

The seat and backrest slats measure
56 mm × 26 mm
The armrests measure 8 mm × 40 mm
The legs measure 12 mm × 60 mm
Product number
U16-92 Kajen bench.
The seat attaches to the legs with bolts provided.
The seat and backrest are crafted in slats made from painted pine, FSC-certified mahogany, oiled oak, Sioo-treated oak or Linseed oil treated pine. The standard colour for pine is white NCS S 0502-Y or light grey NCS S5502-B
The armrests are made of bent steel plate.
The legs are made of bent steel plate.
All steel pieces are zinc-electroplated, chromed and
powder-coated in Noir 2200 Sablé.
Other colours are available at an extra cost.
Additional description number
A for painted pine white NCS S 0502-Y
G for painted pine light grey NCS S 5502-B
C for painted pine your choice of color, start up fee.
MH for Mahogny
EK for oiled oak
SIOOEK for Sioo treated oak
LIN for Linseed oil treated pine.
Designed to secured to the ground with M10 bolts. Bolts not included.
Please see Nola’s maintenance guide.
Although made from conventional wooden slats, this bench is completely unique.