The Jessing picnic table.

Jessing picnic table

The Jessing picnic table is designed for leisure activities, such as making crafts, eating meals or socialising with friends. It is a classic outdoor design that joins the benches and tabletop to steel runners, creating a single piece of furniture. Whether placed in public parks, residential gardens, campsites or rest areas, or used indoors in playrooms, schools or cafeterias, the Jessing picnic table provide a practical alternative to freestanding tables and chairs. Each table provides seating for four to six people.

Table length: 200 cm
Width: 75.5 cm
Height: 74 cm

Bench length: 200 cm
Width: 31 cm
Height: 45 cm
Product number
JESS 1300 Jessing Picnic table 180 cm
JESS 1310 Jessing Picnic table 180 cm w/ backrests
Available with or without backrests. The frame can be either warm-galvanised or powder-coated, or both warm-galvanised and powder-coated. The design can be modified to accommodate disabled users.
The slats are made in jatoba wood, oiled or untreated. The frame is made in warm-galvanised and powder-coated steel.
Prepared with bolt-holes for securing to the ground. Unassambled.
Oiled wood should be re-oiled regularly. Powder-coated steel can be repainted as needed with alkyd oil enamel.
The Jessing picnic table picnic provides a practical alternative to tables and chairs.