The Fenix pergola. The Fenix pergola.


Bernt Fröderberg

Shading structures make striking additions to all gardens and courtyards. Our Fenix pergola, with its circular shape and contemporary profile, provides a framework where climbing plants can thrive. Fenix can be installed as a freestanding structure to shade a garden walkway or relaxation area. It can also be positioned at a gate to enhance the entrance, or strategically placed outside windows direct sunlight from shining in. Made of metal and wood, Fenix is as durable as it is practical.

Diameter: 4.98 m
Height above ground: 2.28m / 2.60 m 
Product number
Ö70-80 Fenix pergola
The posts, support boards and overhead beams are delivered separately. The support boards attach to the posts with the screws provided. Corner brackets are included to hold the overhead beams in place.
The posts are made in steel with the following dimensions:  108 mm × 3.6 mm / 50.8 mm × 3.0 mm.
The angle supports measure 100 mm × 50 mm x 6 mm.
The contoured steel plates measure 10 mm.
The T-bracket measures 60 mm × 30 mm x 5.5 mm. 

All steel parts are sandblasted, zinc electroplated and powdercoated in black RAL 9005 or alternatively Gris 2900 Sablé. 

All wooden parts are made in planed pine with even ends. The wood is coated with grey-white NCS S 3005-Y50R.
Additional description number
S = black RAL 9005 on steel 
G = grey 2900 Sablé on steel
GV = pine painted in grey-white NCS S 3005-Y50R
C = Fenix painted in non-standard colour
The steel post are extended for casting 49.5 cm beneath the ground, or alternatively installed in a pre-cast
Meag foundation sized 108/900.
The wood should be repainted as required using the same colour and paint type. Scratches on steel can be treated with alkyd paint.
The Fenix pergola provides a framework where climbing plants can thrive.