Vårväderstorget with Långbordet is Sweden's First Safety-Certified Square


In 2020, Gothenburg City Council aimed to eliminate vulnerable areas. Framtidenkoncernen, including GöteborgsLokaler, played a key role, investing heavily in Vårväderstorget. Over two years, the square transformed into Trädgårdstorget, inspired by a garden city vision. Green facades and roofs and inviting greenery are some things that now encourage gatherings. Enhanced safety features also include better lighting and signage.

To ensure the square meets safety standards, it has been certified according to the principles of the BoTryggt2030 handbook by Stiftelsen Tryggare Sverige.

Nola encourages similar initiatives strengthening both community and urban spaces, often collaborating with architects and city planners to develop site-specific projects and products. Långbordet, born in a neighborhood in Helsingborg with similar challenges, exemplifies our commitment to creating safer, more vibrant communities.

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