A string of thanks for a successful design week


As the calm settles, we reflect on the design week and can once again confirm that things are best done together. Therefore, we extend a big thank you to all visitors, partners, and designers who made Stockholm Design Week and the Furniture Fair a successful and enjoyable event. Thank you for your interest and engagement in what we do at Nola.


We also want to express our gratitude to Anki Gneib and Mia Cullin for curating the booth so beautifully, and thank you to Brukspecialisten for lending us the reclaimed bricks, which are now on their way to their next destination. We also extend an extra thank you to Stockholm Slow Flowers for taking care of all our plants to give them continued life in new contexts. And of course, to our designers, what would we be without you. Thank you Mattias Rubin de Lima, Andreas Klippinge, Superlab, Thomas Bernstrand, Färg & Blanche, and White Arkitekter.

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Warmly welcome to visit us at booth A03:18 at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Here, we have created a winter garden framed by Mattias de Lima's beautiful wooden pavilions where we showcase the season's new arrivals and much more.