Ulricehamn tree guards. The Ulricehamn tree guard. Ulricehamn tree guards lining a pedestrian street. Ulricehamn tree guards.

Ulricehamn tree guard

Camilla Wessman

Urban trees often benefit from protection. The Ulricehamn tree guard encases trees in an attractive steel structure that safeguards the trunk from damage caused by vehicles and cycles. The steel bars at the bottom of the frame widen to provide extra room for the trunk’s growth and fan outwards at the top to discourage climbing. Ulricehamn is lightweight and easy to position in place and can be paired with a tree grille to protect the roots.

Height: 120 cm
Height with security fixtures: 155 cm
Distance tree guard mounts below ground: 35 cm
Diameter of top: 50 cm
Diameter of base: 60 cm
Diameter of base with security fixtures: 130 cm
Smallest inner diameter: 32 cm
Weight: 40 kg
Weight with security fixtures: 50 kg
Product number
Ö20-13 Ulricehamn tree guard
Some assembly required.
Available with a choice of two attachment specifications and a choice of three surface coatings.
Made in solid steel bars measuring 20 mm × 20 mm. The steel is zinc electro-plated and powder-coated or hot dip galvanised and powder-coated, black RAL9005.

Should be attached to a tree grille at the base or ground-mounted using the attachment fittings (not included, please order separately).
The version made with the lacquered finish should be handled with care.
Scratches to the powdercoated steel finish can be treated with alkyd oil enamel as needed. Scratches to the hot-dip galvanised steel version can be treated with cold galvanise solution.
An attractive steel tree guard that protects the trunk from damage by vehicles and cycles and discourages climbing.