The Sergel bench with a double backrest. Sergel benches with a double backrest and armrests. Shown with the Frame planter. The Sergel bench. This is the backless version with an armrest.

Sergel bench

Emma Nordebo and Kim Gyllenpalm

Sergel is a simple, slated wooden bench designed with additional width. Horizontal slats from the seat, creating a long, lateral surface wide enough to seat people on either side. Sergel’s legs are set at an angle that appears to pitch forward, creating a distinctive shape that is sure to get noticed.


Length: 240 cm
Width:100 cm
Seat height: 46 cm
Armrest length: 44.5 cm
Armrest height (above seat): 20 cm

The wooden slats measure 48 mm x 68 mm
The cast iron lengths comprising the frame measure 66 mm x 101 mm
Product number
U19-56 Sergel bench pine / alkyd oil enamel
dark red NCS 4550-Y80R
U19-60 Sergel armrest (one)
U19-61 Sergel backrest for model U19-56 in painted pine reddish-brown NCSS4550Y80R
U19-61E Sergel backrest for model U19-56 in oiled oak
Delivered in parts for assembly on site.
Can be ordered in the standard size or customised
to create a longer version.
Also available as a slimmer version with a backrest,
please see the backed benches category.
Made in pine, oak and other hardwoods
are available on request.
The frame is made from cast iron lengths.
The legs are formed by a sand-moulded casting method.
The steel frame underneath the seat is yellow-chromed
and powder-coated in black RAL 9005.
All screws are stainless steel.
The wooden slats are treated with alkyd oil enamel on
pine colour NCS S 4550-Y80R.
To be bolted to the ground with M12 bolts. Bolts not included.
Oiled wood should be maintained regularly, at least twice a year. Over time the wood will darken or turn grey. Painted pine can be treated with alkyd oil enamel as required.
A striking outdoor bench that is as hard-wearing as it is attractive. Fully customisable, it can be tailor-made to suit almost any environment.