The Plint bench shown in a shopping centre.  The Plint bench shown in a shopping centre.

Plint bench

Broberg & Ridderstråle

This low, lateral bench is a mastery of materials and proportions, combining anthracite-coloured slabs of cast concrete to create a functional shape. The pieces are assembled using traditional mortise and tenon joinery techniques, resulting in an exciting contemporary design that pays homage to traditional craftsmanship.

Length: 250 cm
Width: 47 cm
Height: 43 cm
Vikt: 250 kg
Product number
U20-90 Plint bench
Concrete coloured with pigments that create a uniform colour throughout the entire block.
Delivered surface treated.
The bench is freestanding.
The bench can be fixed to the ground by installing the legs in poured concrete.
The version for the poured concrete installation is secured to the concrete by threaded sleeves M10 and corresponding M10 threaded rods.
The entire length of each threaded rod is 300 mm. Ensure that 210 mm of the total length is submerged beneath the surface of the poured concrete.

Delivered surface treated. Maintenance is not normally required.
The surface can be cleaned with a mild detergent if needed.
A low, lateral bench that combines coloured concrete slabs to create an understated shape.