Lotus planter, design Anna Kraitz. News 2020 Lotus planter, design Anna Kraitz. News 2020

Lotus planter

Anna Kraitz

The Lotus planter is a solid and generous planter made made in sand cast, 100% recyclable aluminium. The planter’s sculptural design captures the beauty of the petals’ rounded shapes as it creates a container for flowers, plants and ornamental trees.  Clustering several planters together creates an attractive feature, while placing them in a row can provide a stylish means of dividing space. The planter’s unique style fits into a wide variety of outdoor settings. The planter also presents a moment for pause, inviting those passing by to reflect on the serenity symbolised by the lotus flower itself.

Dimensions Ø: 120 cm.
Inner size Ø: 71cm
Height: 57 cm
Weight: 93 lbs
Volume: 110 litres
Product number
Ö14-49 Planter, Lotus
Ö14-49BT10 Mona water tank to the planter, volume of 10 lit.
Sand-coasted in 100 % recycled aluminum.
Powder-coated in silver Gris 2150 Sablé.

Free standing.
The holes for the attachment to the ground is on the inside.
Repaint with an alkyd paint, if necessary.

Gardens, parks, building entrances, squares, terraces, plazas, etc
A solid and generous planter for outdoor environments.