The Djurgårdsbrunn table.

Djurgårdsbrunn table

Bärndal Ingrid & Gerhard Rehm

This four-seater table is part of the Djurgårdsbrunn furniture group. The tabletop is crafted in painted pine or oiled teak, attached to a streamlined metal frame that attaches it weightlessly to the ground. The table is complemented by high-backed chairs made with steel runners rather than conventional legs, which form the frame from a single piece of streamlined metal. The table and chairs bring an artistic air to any terrace or garden.

Length: 80 cm
Width: 80 cm
Height: 73.5 cm
Weight: 17 kg

The steel pipe in the frame has dimensions of 25 mm x 2 mm
The wooden slats measure 15 mm x 27 mm
Product number
U21-52 Djurgårdsbrunn table in white-glazed pine
Fully assembled.
Teak or pine.
The frame is made in steel pipe dimension. The slats are made in white-glazed pine, NCS S 0502Y, or alternatively, oiled teak. The table legs are fitted with plastic feet.
Painted pine can be repainted with alkyd oil enamel as needed. Oil oak and teak regularly. The oak will turn grey over time.
This four-seater table is complemented by high-backed chairs from the Djurgårdsbrunn furniture group. Together they bring an artistic air to any terrace or garden.