The Budget table.

Budget table

Erik Österlund

This understated table may be economical price, but the materials used to craft it give it an air of luxury. Made in oiled hardwoods such as oak and mahogany, the wooden slats are secured to a powder-coated steel frame to create a strong and stable base. The Budget table is an ideal choice for outdoor environments and an attractive complement to contemporary architecture.

Length: 120 cm
Width: 65 cm
Height: 75 cm

The slats measure 26 mm x 168 mm x 1200 mm and 26 mm x 92 mm x 1200 mm respectively
The pipe steel legs measure Ø 38 mm
The armrests are made in pipe steel
measuring Ø 32 mm
Product number
U11-38 Budget table
Delivered in parts.
The Budget series includes a table, a backed bench and a backless bench.
The standard frame is made in sand-blasted, zinc-electroplated, hot-dip galvanised steel frame, or powder-coated. (If the powder-coated version is required please specify by adding GS after the product number.) The legs and armrests are made in pipe steel. The tabletop is made in pine, oak or mahogany.
Additional description number
A = Painted pine light green NCS S 6010-G10Y
F = Oiled oak
G = Pine stained in teak varnish
H = Pine painted reddish-brown
NCS S 4550-Y80R
MH = Oiled mahogany
GS = Powder-coated frame in anthracite
Gris 900 Sablé
The base is made with extended legs for casting in concrete 47 cm beneath the ground.
The oiled oak should be re-oiled regularly, at least twice a year. Oak darkens over time. Polyester powder-coated steel can be repainted with alkyd oil enamel as needed. Painted pine can be repainted as needed with alkyd oil enamel. Scratches to hot-dip galvanised steel can be treated with zinc primer.
This understated table is economical price, yet made with materials that give it an air of luxury.