News 2021

For Stockholm Design Week 2021 we continue to focus on furniture for the outdoor office and present news within the concept of urban workspaces. Between February 8th—13th designs by Fredrik Mattsson, Nina Jobs, Mats Aldén, Superlab and Charlotte Petersson Troije can be viewed both digitally and physically.

Work Lounge

Armchair with Table
Design Superlab & Charlotte Petersson Troije

Work Lounge is a response to society’s rapid expansion and the need for functional and practical outdoor workplaces. A workstation with a swivel seat in soft dry foam, with a laptop-adjusted table. The pieces also have an extra high, but slightly transparent back rest, for a sense of privacy.

Read more about the thoughts behind — and development of Work Lounge here!

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Furniture Group
Design Fredrik Mattson

Gry is a new series of furniture with a focus on comfort, aesthetics and durability at its core. The combination of these attributes means that Gry speaks with a clear visual and functional voice. Elegant, stripped down and convincing in its material selection and dimensions; the protective edge which runs around it softens the form. The range is very flexible and slots easily into a variety of contexts; with options for adding armrests, swivel base and a separate table.

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Rest Support/Bike Stand
Design Nina Jobs

Paus is a range which brings a sense of speed and efficiency to the user. A simple, but flexible place to pause for a while in public spaces. The design is made of sand-cast aluminium and is sculpted to make the most comfortable sitting experience, despite its small surface area. Paus is available in three heights suitable for different purposes: high, low and somewhere in between.

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Furniture Group
Design Mats Aldén

Schoolyard is made specifically for functional outdoor workplaces. The seating and tables work equally well in educational environments as they do on rooftop terraces or outdoor offices.

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High Bench & Backed Bench

Furniture System
Design Mats Aldén

The High & Low furniture series is a broad, functional collection that combines its elements to dynamic effect. Generous armchairs, relaxed day beds, straight chairs and benches are available in many different colours to inject parks, cities and public spaces with a kick of colour and life.

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