Work OUT office Växjö

Project: WorkOUT, Växjö, Sweden
Partner: Castellum AB
Architect: Gestalt Arkitektur, architect Christian Kahlefeldt
Completed: 2016

Working collaboratively with Castellum AB (a Swedish developer formerly known as Norrporten AB), Gestalt Arkitektur AB and architect Christian Kahlefeldt, Nola designed and presented a new outdoor office concept at Växjö Business Park I11. The new ‘Outdoor Office’ concept makes the most of the summer sunshine, moving the workplace outside into a quieter, greener and healthier environment.

Photography: Jonas Ljungdahl

The concept included open-air work stations, light-filled meeting rooms and spaces that bring sunshine, fresh air and calm into busy workplaces. Nola took an ergonomic approach and introduced seating for workstations that permitted standing, sitting or reclining while working or meeting with colleagues. Solar panels provided power for WiFi and portable devices, creating a uniquely relaxing environment for conferences, meetings and other business activities.