Bellitalia Drottninggatan Stockholm

Project: Bellitalia Drottninggatan Stockholm
Client: Municipality of Stockholm
Designer: Bellitalia
Date completed: 2018


As part of the City of Stockholm’s initiative to revamp urban streets and squares, planters were purchased from Nola and placed along Drottninggatan, a popular pedestrian street situated in the city centre. Weighing in at three tonnes each, the planters create a traffic barrier blocking vehicle access to the pedestrian street. At the same time, they add greenery that enhances the appearance of the city centre.

Despite its massive weight, Marte is an elegant marble planter suitable for shrubs or small trees which is designed to serves as a traffic barrier in squares, pedestrian streets and other urban sites. Marte is marketed in Sweden by Nola.

Marta planter, designed by Bellitalia, in Stockholm’s Drottninggatan.

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