The Hjorthagen bench made in FSC-certified mahogany. The Hjorthagen bench shown in standard colour yellow.

Hjorthagen bench

Peter Brandt

Painted wood has been popular in Swedish furniture for several centuries, dating back to when local carpentry was painted to resemble French furniture. Paradoxically, painted wooden furniture later became Swedish hallmark. This bench, like the painted table, armchairs and benches in the Hjorthagen family, make elements of this style durable enough for the outdoors.

Length: 180 cm
Depth: 40 cm
Height: 45 cm
Weight: 16 kg

Product number
U16-44 Hjorthagen bänk, täcklaserad furu.
Delivered in parts for assembly with the bolts provided.
The bench is made in oiled pine, oiled mahogany or in alkyd oil enamel on pine, standard colours.
The bench is made in oiled oak, or alternatively, painted pine. The seat and backrest are made in profile-planed glulam. Plastic feet are provided for the legs.
The standard colours for the painted pine
are yellow NCS S 3060-Y20R, white NCS S 0502-Y, Green NCS S 8010-B90G and reddish-brown NCS S 4550-Y80R.
Additional description number
E = Oak
G = Yellow NCS S 3060-Y20R
V = White NCS S 0502-Y
GR = Green NCS S 8010-B90G
RB = Reddish-brown NCS S 4550-Y80R
Freestanding. Ground fixtures can be ordered separately using product code U16-55. Two sets of ground fixings are required to mount all four legs.
Painted pine can be treated with alkyd oil enamel as needed.
The oak should be oiled at least once a year.
The oak will darken and turn grey over time.
A traditional painted wooden bench elegantly crafted in pine.