Floral trellis design Mia Cullin. Folke planter, design Karna Lindstedt Floral trellis design Mia Cullin. Folke planter, design Karna Lindstedt

Gro floral trellis

Mia Cullin

A new addition to the Gro planter series that complements the larger freestanding trellis and the medium-sized attachable trellis designed for the rectangular Gro planter. The trellis is compatible with the Gro planter, but can be combined with a range of sizes and shapes not currently offered by the Gro series. On its own, the trellis provides an eye-catching feature that leads creepers and vines upwards along its metal spines. Combined with a planter, the trellis can create a space divider, or provide a subtle means of screening off a larger area. The trellis is unique in its ability to water the plants around it. A discreet water pipe integrated into the frame connects to a watering system that can be placed in the soil beneath it. Designed to be as functional as it is attractive, the Gro trellis encourages growth as it supports the plant life surrounding it.

Height: 96 cm
Width: 50 cm
Thickness: 0.3 cm
Weight: 2.5 kg
Product number
Ö16-04BS Gro floral trellis
Part of the Gro series of planters.
Zinc plated powder coated steel, painted in RAL 6020.
The trellis and the foot plates are made from 3mm steel plate. The frame is made of pipe Ø15mm x 2 mm. Start-up cost for any RAL colour.
Additional description number
C for any colour, start up fee.
Damaged steel is repainted with alkyde paint, if necessary.

Suitable for planters both for outdoor and indoor environments.
Elegant and spacious floral trellis.