Outstanding Maintenance of Street Furniture in Kalmar Municipality


Since the 1990s, Nola have supplied outdoor furniture designs for the streets and urban parks of Kalmar municipality situated on Sweden’s east coast. Today, we continue to work collaboratively with the city’s landscape architects to create vibrant urban environments. One of the unique features in Kalmar is the condition of the outdoor designs we provided in 1997, which continue to look as new as they did when they were delivered.

The products were installed to mark the anniversary of the Kalmar Union, and despite, rain, snow and use by residents, they remain in perfect condition today. How can that be possible? It’s thanks to the excellent maintenance routine the municipality developed to care for our products.

We went through the details with Anders Linder, Kalmar’s landscape architect, who offered his insights into how maintenance should be carried out. He takes us into the workshop where the products are repainted and revarnished, and where wooden parts can be replaced with new ones if needed.